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The Packing Rush

2 Aug

I’m going to say sorry in advance because this post maybe kinda short, since I’m actually in the middle of a packing frenzy when I suddenly remember I have to write. So yeah… now me, sitting in the middle of a mountain of clothes waiting to put in to a carrier, which is mean I’m in the middle of complete chaos now.

I have this very bad habit, I’m a very last-minute person. I won’t do anything until I really have to do it, by force, because I’m almost always running out of time.
Like today, my train to Jakarta is tomorrow 11o’clock and I haven’t pack anything at all.

I don’t have any idea how to make myself more punctual and more prepare for everything.
My problem is, I like to organize things in my head, just in my head but I will end up actually never really do it. So that organize things just stuck in my head and in my to-do-list for a days, even a weeks until I completely forget about it. When I finally remember it again, most of time it’s always already kinda late and it will put in a panic mode so I just do it as fast as possible and forget every details about it and of course the results are somehow always messy and so far away from what I’ve already planned before.

I really need to be more strict to myself. Really, for me, managing other people is easier than managing my own self.


A Long-story Short-problem

13 Jan

Good morning!
This is the not-so-Monday-morning, it’s 10a.m. when I write this. I just woke up because my help lady come too early while I actually still deep in slumber.

So, how’s your 2013 so far people? Mine is boooooriiiiing… nothing really interesting happen lately. Yeah, how can I have an interesting life if what I do for this whole week is only staying at home, watching DVDs? Typically forever alone kind of.
But starting next week, I will have my final exam in campus this semester, after that I will go home, to Jakarta to spend the holiday with my family.

Sounds fun, huh?

By the way, I have a mission here… a mission to change my bad habit on writing. The habit of better-not-writing-unless-I-can-write-at-least-two-long-paragraphs-that-in-the-end-the-fact-is-I’m-not-writing-at-all. What a long and annoying sentence ya, you have to read it in single breath only actually, that’s why I’m writing-it-with-these. ;p

Back to the point, yes… that was my very problem on writing, I’m so used on writing a long write, so it feel weird to write a short one. But now I think, I’m not a person with a good time management, so if I insist to write the long paragraph, I’ll be end not writing anything, because I fail to find enough time to write. So from now on, I decide, to try to write anything and anytime no matter how short or unnecessary it is.
We’ll see if I able or unable to seize it this time.