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Project alert!

2 Sep

It’s been quite some time I haven’t write any qualified post here, in fact I’m not even post anything at all. I mean, is not like I’m not blogging on purpose… it’s just simply because I’m so pissed off by how the universe somehow put me in a joke, since when writing something and posting it on my own blog can be that hard?
But the problem is over. The internet crisis, the time management thingy, and whatever reason that was here to keep me away from blogging are over. Yet too bad the damage were already happened, I supposed to have a project last month, the ruined project because… because, yeah, because this and that.

My original plan was to complete that project no matter what, even so I’m not really excited about it as the first time I announced that project here. But the blog must goes on, and I have to write.
Then a great idea — even a great save for me actually — come from my friend/best friend/partner in crime just around a couple days ago. At first she only asked for my help if I would like to give her a random topic to be written on her own blog everyday, since I know so well how her brain somehow can’t work properly in sorting what-to-write-and-what-the-title stuff every time she write, I almost said, “Yes, I can do that much for you,” but, but… this though suddenly crossed in my mind…

…If I’m about to give her that random topics everyday anyway, why we’re not making it vice-versa then? I’m going to give her the topic and she will give one too for me… Isn’t it sounds like almost genius team work?

So I just spilled that idea to her, long story short, we agree to do another collaboration project together! Yeeeiy!!
By the way, about her… I blabbed all the way down in this post about her but forget to tell you about who the hell she really is, she is one of my closest friend… and now I recalled I haven’t write about my friends in this blog at all, let me create one later then.
But about this one friend, well… how to put it so you can understand us easily, we’re so different yet so compatible at the same time. We attracted to so many different things but magically will find a similarity about it in the end. We’ve been friend for not so long time, maybe only around three or four years, but in that short time we’ve been through quite a lot.
More stories about her and my other friends will come up later, I promise I’m so going to write it!
And also, why don’t you go checking on her by yourself, click here and it will bring you to See.Think.Write, her very own blog.

Now let’s back to the project, here’s the rules of our collaboration project…

…The tag of this project is #IdeaSwap and we play it thrice a week. At the given day, we will swapping idea and use it to write or create something in our blog. There are some provision too in this challenge; First, the topic must be good enough to make us think and write something qualified. Second, each topic will have a time limit which is will force us to write in time. The main aim of this challenge is to push us to be a more productive blogger, and trust me we really want to become that.

It is quite a simple project actually, but I think it somehow a really effective way to motivate us to write. Especially since we’re doing it together, it make us feel more challenged.
I’m super excited to nailed this project, which is actually… start from today onward!

P.S. This #IdeaSwap project will only last for a month or two. This one is a September project and we will make another project again in the future. Sounds great isn’t it?



31 Jul

Oh My God, I’m so hyper now… Feel like I’ve been not blogging for ages, totally failed finding some spree time in the middle of so many tasks to do. But finally it’s over, oh yeah-oh yeah-oh yeah!

Just finished my remedial exams today, after finished my final exams couple weeks ago which is the sum-mark isn’t come up really good so I need to take more classes so I can actually reach — with a very close call — a better mark, and escape from a total fail this semester.
Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I’m stupid or what but I really lack in motivation, classic, and that classic thing almost fail me again.
So that whats makes me very busy this past month. I have no time to be on social media, even more so in blog… I barely have time to talk and hang-out with the girls and my friends, everyday was only consisted of college to home to paper to college to home to exam to the lecturers to home and so on… Really stressed me out.

And by the way, I now remember that I even didn’t said anything about fasting month. Now I finally remember after the fasting month is only a week left… and Lebaran is coming soon!
I’m going home for Lebaran of course, already booked the train ticket for this Saturday. God, how I miss home so much… Especially miss Mom and my Bro, also want to meet Dad very bad. :(

I guess I’m going to see you again tomorrow in writing… Wish me a happy holiday then!

The 13th Beginning

2 Jan

It’s me again… I’m sure that nobody know who I am, but it’s still me.

So here’s the story, I used to be a pretty fine-good-not-so-famous-blogger kind of before I was forced to close my previous blog by one and another reasons.
So yes, to prevent more problems comes up and ruined everything, I decided to run away from the disaster that I delete my blog and stop blogging for a meantime. No, don’t ask me how hard it was. I cry my heart out for a full two days after doing that. I leave my blog, where I used to poured all my feeling, thought, even all my unnecessary blabber there. I also have a several people follow my blog, read my amateur posts and appreciate it very well. Not only closed my baby-blog, I have to leave my fellow followers also, by perforce. :’(

It was on blogspot by the way, not here, on wordpress

Talking about blogging, I’ve been doing it for a quiet long time. Perhaps, around 3 years? Currently I always blog on tumblr, posting and reblogging pictures. Yet like I said before, I stop writing anything for awhile. Until on last new year’s eve, I decided, cannot blogging is sucks… I have to have some place to write again. So… poof! Just like that, I’m on the board again.
Now I’m as happy as I can be! :D

I basically blog on three languages; Bahasa Indonesia, English, and sarcasm. Okay, don’t mind the last language.
Bahasa Indonesia as in what I speak daily, English as in what I learn daily (Yes, am an English Literature major at school) — that I will say sorry in advance for my poor English and even more poor grammar, or any typos. As long as what I  write is understandable, it will do just fine.

Last but not least, I’m not doing this blog for the sake of to read by other people anymore. I’m just doing this blog because it choke me to dead when I have no place to write anything after a long term not blogging at all.
So from now on I will just writing, talking, posting anything here as I want… Just a random thought of mine.
I’ll talk to you again in my next post!

P.S. For you to bookmarked: You can surfing my tumblr page, hello who? as the place of the drunk me and this douce-amère wordpress as the place of more sober one ;p both are mine which delineate a different me.