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Project alert!

2 Sep

It’s been quite some time I haven’t write any qualified post here, in fact I’m not even post anything at all. I mean, is not like I’m not blogging on purpose… it’s just simply because I’m so pissed off by how the universe somehow put me in a joke, since when writing something and posting it on my own blog can be that hard?
But the problem is over. The internet crisis, the time management thingy, and whatever reason that was here to keep me away from blogging are over. Yet too bad the damage were already happened, I supposed to have a project last month, the ruined project because… because, yeah, because this and that.

My original plan was to complete that project no matter what, even so I’m not really excited about it as the first time I announced that project here. But the blog must goes on, and I have to write.
Then a great idea — even a great save for me actually — come from my friend/best friend/partner in crime just around a couple days ago. At first she only asked for my help if I would like to give her a random topic to be written on her own blog everyday, since I know so well how her brain somehow can’t work properly in sorting what-to-write-and-what-the-title stuff every time she write, I almost said, “Yes, I can do that much for you,” but, but… this though suddenly crossed in my mind…

…If I’m about to give her that random topics everyday anyway, why we’re not making it vice-versa then? I’m going to give her the topic and she will give one too for me… Isn’t it sounds like almost genius team work?

So I just spilled that idea to her, long story short, we agree to do another collaboration project together! Yeeeiy!!
By the way, about her… I blabbed all the way down in this post about her but forget to tell you about who the hell she really is, she is one of my closest friend… and now I recalled I haven’t write about my friends in this blog at all, let me create one later then.
But about this one friend, well… how to put it so you can understand us easily, we’re so different yet so compatible at the same time. We attracted to so many different things but magically will find a similarity about it in the end. We’ve been friend for not so long time, maybe only around three or four years, but in that short time we’ve been through quite a lot.
More stories about her and my other friends will come up later, I promise I’m so going to write it!
And also, why don’t you go checking on her by yourself, click here and it will bring you to See.Think.Write, her very own blog.

Now let’s back to the project, here’s the rules of our collaboration project…

…The tag of this project is #IdeaSwap and we play it thrice a week. At the given day, we will swapping idea and use it to write or create something in our blog. There are some provision too in this challenge; First, the topic must be good enough to make us think and write something qualified. Second, each topic will have a time limit which is will force us to write in time. The main aim of this challenge is to push us to be a more productive blogger, and trust me we really want to become that.

It is quite a simple project actually, but I think it somehow a really effective way to motivate us to write. Especially since we’re doing it together, it make us feel more challenged.
I’m super excited to nailed this project, which is actually… start from today onward!

P.S. This #IdeaSwap project will only last for a month or two. This one is a September project and we will make another project again in the future. Sounds great isn’t it?


My version of “THAT Legendary series!”

8 Jul

FRIENDS – Bet many people will agree with me, this one gotta be everybody’s favorite.

SEX & THE CITY – My secret way to learn any how and why about woman. I remember watched it even before I understand what the word ‘sex’ means.

LIZZY MCGUIRE – ‘Nuff said, I have a happy & qualified childhood. Go McGuire!!

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER – Sir Barney Stinson!!!

GOSSIP GIRL – No further explanation needed. The casts, the drama, the cheesiness, & the Chuck Bass… I will love it as much as many people hate it.

…And for an extra

Can’t get enough of Potter(s) adventure!

6 Jul

So it’s been quite long time I’m not checking in to my Goodreads account, then just now I open it in the middle of my dizziness because I’ve been actually studying  for my final exam from two days ago, which include some of lost in my appetite and too much caffeine consumed.
The after-effect from browsing around Goodreads is always same for me, I’m adding alot titles to my want-to-read-and-need-to-buy list  book. *Crying Out Loud*
But then, I also check the ebook download link, surprisingly I found this book that makes me grinning and LOL-ing like in full one minute. Find the James Potter’s fanfiction written by Lippert , yeah! I think this ebook has been going around for a while because it’s already coming to the third book already, how long exactly I’m not checking my Goodreads then?


#1 JP and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing – #2 JP and the Curse of the Gatekeeper – #3 JP and the Vault of Destinies

Well anyway, I also read the comments, some of them said these books are sucks and some also said that these are quite good. So I just pick the center, and decide to download it, and soon will try to find some time to read it first. Maybe I’ll come back to you later to give a review and maybe a lil’bit spoiler too. :p

Wishing you a great Sunday then!<3

Shopping Haul #2

21 May


Love this peace and eiffel charm on my rope bracelet.
Just bought those today. Actually it comes in many color, but I choose the black one since I’m thinking to wear those everyday so in the end I pick the most neutral color.
(At: Adam & Eve, Citraland Mall – Semarang)

The isnotjust

11 May

Hi,  it’s around 11.22 waktu Indonesia bagian malem Minggu at here…
I just found this pretty kewl new site, it’s which is provide some kind of collective avatar gallery, at least its what they write on the site.



Menurut gue this is-not-just thingy are as good and as creative as the keep-calm-and-blablabla and I’m weirdly like these kind of stuff very much. My three most favorite are “Superhero Is Not Just In The Movie“, “Thank God Is Not Just Friday“, and “Book Is Not Just A Fiction“.
What’s yours? ;)