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Thrice Days In A Row

6 Aug

So….. Where should I begin?

Oh, first I’m sorry (again) for unable to keep posted for this past days. Really, wanting to write something everyday is quite a challenge. My biggest challenge is of course to manage some time in each day to write, and I can’t do it properly even until today.

Now, let me remember what I did this past few days…
On Sunday, 4th August… I’m not able to write because I went shopping with my Mom for a whole day… and when I finally home, I’m so exhausted that I just going straight to sleep and forget to blog something.
While on Monday, 5th August… Me and my Brother went to met Dad. Just FYI, I only met my Dad a several days a year after his divorce with Mom and he went to Kalimantan for work, while I’m staying at Semarang to finish my college. So I only can meet him when both of us is in Jakarta, which is rarely happen. So met up with Dad is feel sort of special and important to me. Then as usual the old routine when me, my Brother, and Dad hang out together was on… First accompany my Brother to the game-center to keep him up with his geeky-games needs. Then go to the book store where my Dad will stay at the hobbies section, my Brother will stay at the sport and games section, and I will wandering around to every section and take every books that caught my eyes (again, the do judge book based on the cover thingy) and buy it, no, technically my Dad is the one who buy it, since he’s the one who pay for it. Well, whatever. After that we going for dinner, it’s a BBQ and grill this time. Then after that we’re going to the coffee shop, order our each favorite beverages and drinking and talk until three of us get bored then go home. Yes, always the same routine anytime me and my Brother going out with Dad, but maybe if you’re in our position, that kind of silly routine is somehow so precious.

And it is bring me to today, I really have nothing to do today… So I finally make some time to write, even tough the internet crisis thingy is still disturbing me, at least I find out that the signal is slightly better when I sit at the terrace, so for now, problem solved. I still can blog even it requite a bit specific proviso.

BTW, is Lebaran day tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? Really have no idea, I think I need to watch more television… or open my twitter.

Then I think the next time I’m blog I will share my Lebaran day here, I hope it won’t turn out to be a stupid recap post like this again.
Have a good day then!


31 Jul

Oh My God, I’m so hyper now… Feel like I’ve been not blogging for ages, totally failed finding some spree time in the middle of so many tasks to do. But finally it’s over, oh yeah-oh yeah-oh yeah!

Just finished my remedial exams today, after finished my final exams couple weeks ago which is the sum-mark isn’t come up really good so I need to take more classes so I can actually reach — with a very close call — a better mark, and escape from a total fail this semester.
Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I’m stupid or what but I really lack in motivation, classic, and that classic thing almost fail me again.
So that whats makes me very busy this past month. I have no time to be on social media, even more so in blog… I barely have time to talk and hang-out with the girls and my friends, everyday was only consisted of college to home to paper to college to home to exam to the lecturers to home and so on… Really stressed me out.

And by the way, I now remember that I even didn’t said anything about fasting month. Now I finally remember after the fasting month is only a week left… and Lebaran is coming soon!
I’m going home for Lebaran of course, already booked the train ticket for this Saturday. God, how I miss home so much… Especially miss Mom and my Bro, also want to meet Dad very bad. :(

I guess I’m going to see you again tomorrow in writing… Wish me a happy holiday then!

Shopping Haul #2

21 May


Love this peace and eiffel charm on my rope bracelet.
Just bought those today. Actually it comes in many color, but I choose the black one since I’m thinking to wear those everyday so in the end I pick the most neutral color.
(At: Adam & Eve, Citraland Mall – Semarang)

Shopping Haul #1

8 May

Went to the mall just to eat or enjoy a cup of nice beverage but always, always ended up buying something. Is it only me or everybody do the same thing too? So I decide to give my impulses shopping thingy a special section on blog, my little shopping haul which I love and hate at the same time.


imageA super cool key chain and a super cheap prize, found it accidentally at a new shop in mall. Oh, but I got the Rilakkuma strap from my friend’s sister. ;p
(At: Adam & Eve, Citraland Mall – Semarang)

Cute Animore binder clips! Bought because there’s an unicorn in there, love the unicorn! The other animals are duck, rabbit, and cat. All cute.
(At: Lavender, Citraland Mall – Semarang)

Meet up with the gir……

8 May

Meet up with the girls today!! ♥


… And we’re accidentally wear all flowery pattern on our outfit. Love the pattern BTW.


New stories coming out!!

30 Mar

Selamat tanggal 31 Maret sodara-sodara yang budiman! Is any of you celebrate any special occasion today?
As for me, yes… it is a very special day. Karena schedule malam ini adalah meng-upload posting pertama dari cerita fiksi pertama gue juga.

*Deg-degan* *keluar keringet dingin* *kentut-kentut* *minum combatrin*

Sebenernya, ini bukan cerita pertama gue… judul berikut udah pernah dipake buat mempublish cerita lain dengan plot yang sama sekali berbeda dengan yang lagi gue kerjain sekarang. The title is, Omnia Causa Fiunt, berasal dari bahasa latin yang kira-kira artinya “Everything happens for a reasons”. Sesuatu yang gue pribadi sangat yakini.
The story don’t have a superb plot or great characters. It is just a typical story about a group of people on their 20s.
I’m just trying to expose the sweet and bitter of my age, the world all around and everything. Well, I hope what I write will touch close enough to the reality or in otherwise expand your wildest imaginary of those so-called a perfect life.

cooking mama! ♥

10 Mar


Actually my favorite game on NDS console ever, no matter how lame it is… but I find myself kinda addicted over it. Those “Even better than Mama!” Is freakin’ annoying though, but it’s not enough to make me stop playing it. :p