#IdeaSwap: Photo Album

12 Sep

Home is where the heart is and I can’t even express how far away from home I feel…


No matter how cliché it may sound, I’m that kind of girl who always clinging to my past whatsoever. Doesn’t literally mean that I’m hard to move on sort of person, no. Unable to move on and cherish your past are a very two different things.
The easiest way to go back to the past is through a photo album. The old photo album is always consist of many stories in it. Sometimes few of them are a forgotten memories, the story that you already forgot until you open and see that photos again, and just like an old camera film, all the stories and the feeling are back to you.
The photo in the beginning of this post, those are an old pictures of me and my family… and yes, I do feel so far away from home now. Since now I live separately from my family while finishing my study.

The people in that photo are my little self, my Mom, my Dad, my baby brother, my cousins, my Grandpa, and my Grandma. Let me retrace what I remember after see that pictures…

I have a great and happy childhood, I don’t remember I ever felt very sad when I was a little girl. I was loved by many… I’m the first child and also the first grand child in my Mother’s family. My Mom said, the day I was born felt like a festival, the hospital’s corridor where my Mom given birth to me was fully loaded by my family, everyone came to see me! She said it was one of the happiest day of her life.
As I’m growing up, compared with me and Mother, I’m a little bit more close to my Dad. He is the one I always look up to even until today.
A little me was very shy, I dislike being with a new people so much, that’s way when I was a kid I got really close with my cousins since I didn’t really have a social life outside my family.
The beautiful woman in veil is my Grandma. She’s not with me again now, she passed away when I was 16 years old because of a sudden heart attack. I miss her so much, my Grandma is my everything. Yes, after my Dad, the second person I’m most close with was my Grandma.
One thing I remember the most about Grandma is the romantic story about her and my Grandpa that she once told me. My Grandma was a beautiful girl from a rich family who fell in love with a handsome air force troops. My Grandma said her family hated my Grandpa very much at first. Why a high class girl like her want to marry a lowly troops? But their love finally won over everything. I even found a box full of old love letters that my Grandpa sent to her like, I don’t know, over 40 years ago? I read few of it, written in a stack of paper that getting yellowish with a classic hand-writing. God, that romantic thing is really exist.

…See? How many forgotten stuff you can remember just through a piece of old photo, the stories are irreplaceable. Not only for the sake of good memories, by seeing back to your past once in a while you can watch yourself growing up and realizing that the place where you stand now really is your place after all.

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