Can’t get enough of Potter(s) adventure!

6 Jul

So it’s been quite long time I’m not checking in to my Goodreads account, then just now I open it in the middle of my dizziness because I’ve been actually studying  for my final exam from two days ago, which include some of lost in my appetite and too much caffeine consumed.
The after-effect from browsing around Goodreads is always same for me, I’m adding alot titles to my want-to-read-and-need-to-buy list  book. *Crying Out Loud*
But then, I also check the ebook download link, surprisingly I found this book that makes me grinning and LOL-ing like in full one minute. Find the James Potter’s fanfiction written by Lippert , yeah! I think this ebook has been going around for a while because it’s already coming to the third book already, how long exactly I’m not checking my Goodreads then?


#1 JP and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing – #2 JP and the Curse of the Gatekeeper – #3 JP and the Vault of Destinies

Well anyway, I also read the comments, some of them said these books are sucks and some also said that these are quite good. So I just pick the center, and decide to download it, and soon will try to find some time to read it first. Maybe I’ll come back to you later to give a review and maybe a lil’bit spoiler too. :p

Wishing you a great Sunday then!<3

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