The Birthday Tales

12 Mar

The family under my room just celebrated their youngest daughter’s 3rd birthday. They invited me too of course, but I say no… So instead they send a slice of birthday cake into my room.
Isn’t birthday is a happy thing? I looove birthday… even if that’s not my birthday.
I don’t really like cake, because I usually find most of them are too sweet for my taste but birthday cake is an exception no matter how bad it taste or how lame it looks somehow. My own favorite birthday cake was a cake in my 7th birthday bash, the cake got a mickey mouse’s head on top of it, the icing were in blue and red color.
I’m a birthday junkie — if I haven’t told you yet — I mean, my family always held a birthday party every years for me, from my 1st birthday until my 16th birthday. A Wonderful 16 years of my life. :)
Why all this birthday stuff stopped after 16 years? Because on my 17th birthday, my dad and my mom started to hated on one another. That’s the first time I dislike a birthday, like dislike it damned much, as long as I can remember… It made me cry alot on that day. Mom and dad were to busy avoiding each other that they forget that was August 12 already, it was their daughter birthday day that they never forget fot this past 16 years. So on that day, I was locked myself in my room, it was sunday by the way. Then I’ve got a call from my mom, she said happy birthday to me and said she felt bad about she couldn’t be with me today. Not long after, daddy called me too, said the same thing as my mom said. It won’t be that bad actually if they were together on, well for example… vacation. While the fact is my dad was at Jakarta doing his business and my mom was at I-don’t-know.
So in the end a happy birthday wish from my mom and dad were not helping at all. The selfish and stupid 17 years old me refused to understand the reason why my parents doing so in my birthday eventhough deep down in my heart I know they chose that very coward method, run away on their own daughter birthday, was because if their standing side by side, putting a smiley face and happy expression, pretending that everything is normal were kinda hard and impossible… and awkward too. My birthday is a family tradition, so my parents barely didn’t feel we’re actually still a family, so why even bother try?
So that, was the end of my birthday tale. It’s really the end, because no more birthday party after that, not even for my little brother.

Then why I still love birthday anyway? Well… after my family’s birthday tradition is ruined, I’m sort of make a new tradition. No more birthday bash, but it is still a birthday… with a simple cake, a quality time with families and friends (dalam bahasa indonesia: makan-makan dan traktiran), and of course… a gift! plenty of birthday gift!
I don’t know why, but this gift thingy… receiving or giving, I like it. Especially giving gift, when there is a family or a friend birthday coming soon, I will thinking alot about what gift I should give to them. I will happily saving my money, shopping for that gift, writing the card, then giving it to them. Not only on birthday, on the daily day too… I love buying and giving things for the people I love. Isn’t it odd? If there is any disease or psychological facts about this santaclause-wannabe-ism, please tell me. :p

I realize not every people love birthday as I do. I mean, c’mon… you love getting older each year? Most people answer will be like, “Hell no!!”.
But for me, birthday giving me a comfy feeling, it give me a comfort through the memories I have upon them… the memories of my little self, of my past life, of how I used to feel.
It making me get a grip on the reality, I’ve been very happy before… so why can’t I being happy again now, later?

Have a very happy birthday everyone, even if it’s not you birthday today. Still, happy birthday!!

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